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Q1 : What is the minimum experience for the course under PPT-PPA ?
A1 : The minimum experience is more than 2 years.

Q2 : What is the different between PPT and PPA ?

A2 : PPT is to collect all evidence and experience into a portfolio while PPA is to do practice (amali) in our company.
Q3 : Can i get a certificate ?
A3 : Yes , you can obtain the Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM).

Q4 :
Are all the skills available for PPA? 
A4 : No, only a few.

Q5 : How much is the fee charged for PPT ?
A5 : The fee charged is between RM 1800 to RM 2500 depending on the requirements. Need
 to add RM700 if the requirements are not enough.

Q6 : Is it okay if i don't take the full content for PPA?
A6 : Can but only get a statement of achievement (penyata pencapaian).

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