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MASTER PROFESSIONAL SKILL  ACADEMY  MPS Academy Sdn. Bhd. was formed in the year of 1988 with the registration as Pusat Persolekan dan Kosmetik May May,focusing on the Technical & Vocational Education and Training to cater the needs of the industry, particularly the fundamentals of “Train & Place“. The institution was then accredited by Department of Skills Development (DSD)/Jabatan Permbangunan Kemahiran (JPK) as the Accredited Centre in the year of 2002. Who’s DRD/JPK? JPK is the government agency responsible for promoting and coordinating strategies and skills training programmes in line with efforts to reinforce skills. Through the Skills Malaysia agenda announced under the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) by the Prime Minister on 11th January 2011, the government aims to achieve 50 per cent of highly-skilled workers by 2020. To augment this effort, the government has recognized the Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM) for the purpose of entry into 13 public service schemes. Status of Accreditation MPS ACADEMY SDN BHD had been accredited locally and internationally with the following codes:-  YEAR Acc. by Code/Reg. Num 2002 JPK Accredited Code: L01549 2004 C & G Registration No:- 829449 2008 JPK Accredited Code: IJ0016 2008 JPK read more
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The technical & vocational education and training by MPS Academy can prepare you for a career that is based in manual and/or practical activities, more specifically a skilled trade. In MPS Academy, vocational and technical education prepares individual the following significant learning expectation:- 1.Responsiveness to areas of shortage and strategic need for skills. 2.Alignment with Industry trends and regional variation. 3.MPS Academy trainees’ outcomes and achieving employer satisfaction. 4.Trainees are enrolled in vocational education can choose from a wide variety of available programs from many different industries. 5.Trainees will be prepared career choice centered around the demands of the economy. 6.MPS Academy training focuses on hands-on activities. 7.Cater the “Train & Place “as CSR fundamentals, and to assist trainees in finding employment once they've graduated. Mdm Liow Mui Mui read more
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Academy Environment

MPS Academy is located in a strategic and geographical characteristic area in the ISKANDAR DEVELOPMENT CORRIDOR of the Southern Region of Malaysia. The location of the MPS Academy premises is located between:- Aeon Mall Kulaijaya (2 Minute) IOI Mall Kulaijaya (5 Minute) Johor Premium Outlet (JPO) (10 Minute) Senai International Airport (15 Minute) Hutan Bandar Putra (10 Minute) Bank-bank Comercial seperti Bumiputra Commerce Berhad, Hong Leong Bank Berhad, Bank Islam Berhad, Maybank, dan Bank Muamalat Berhad serta Bank Simpanan Nasional (5-10 Minute) Lebuhraya Utara Selatan (PLUS) (10 Minute) Terminal Bas Kulaijaya (10 Minute) Stesen Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) Kulaijaya (10 Minute) Rural Transformation Centre (RTC) Kulaijaya (10 Minute)   Picture 1: Aeon Mall Kulaijaya   Picture 2: Senai International Airport Picture 3: Rural Transformation Centre (RTC) Kulaijaya Picture 4: IOI Mall Kulaijaya   Picture 5: Stesen Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) Kulaijaya Picture 6: Hutan Bandar Putra Picture 7: Johor Premium Outlet (JPO)   read more
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Vision and Mission

Vision Emerge as an international skills and vocational enhancement center with occupational and employability graduates.   Mission To deliver vocational education and enhancement and to achieve MPS academy as a college status in the year of 2025 with a large competency graduates in various sectors and area of work ensuring holistic employment.   read more
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MPS Academy Sdn Bhd
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#寻找着中医的课程吗? 🌿拥有来自于中国北京中医学院的张医师🌿 传授你宝贵的经验以及知识,1小时的体验课内可学习:养生知识、穴位、针灸、排气! ⭐️ 中医体验课:智慧养生,健康百年!⭐️ 您是否对中医保健充满好奇,但不知道从何开始?或者,您是否想要体验中医的神奇疗效?无论您是新手还是已有一定了解,我们诚邀您参加我们的中医体验课! 📍 地点:Pai Nian Health Recovery Centre Sdn. Bhd. 📍 地点:MPS ACEDEMY 在这1小时的体验课中,您将学到: ✨ 中医基础知识:了解中医保健、穴位理论 ✨ 简单易学的中医手法:如穴位推拿、针灸、排病气等等 ✨ 健康养生的日常小技巧 我们的课程不仅仅是理论讲解,更注重实践操作。您将有机会亲自尝试这些手法,并感受它们带来的健康益处。课程结束后,您将对中医有更深的理解,并能将所学应用于日常生活中。 为什么选择我们的体验课? ✔️ 资深中医师亲自授课,经验丰富 ✔️ 小班教学,确保每位学员都能得到关注 ✔️ 免费提供所有必要的材料和工具 特别优惠: 参与体验课的学员,将有机会获得我们的中医系列课程的优惠券,继续深度学习中医绝学(如逆龄骨雕,排病气,火凤凰,浴火重生等),迈向更健康的生活或继续传承。 🌿 立即报名,席位有限!联系我们: Klang 🌿 立即报名,席位有限!联系我们: Kulai 不要错过这个难得的机会,来感受中医的神奇力量吧! 期待您的参与,共同探索中医的魅力!
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The era of electronic invoice (e-Invoice) is coming, are you ready? Analyze e-invoice, instead of waiting until it arrives and then being at a loss   Analysis of the whole picture of e-invoice: in-depth understanding of the generation and submission process of e-invoice Detailed explanation of types: invoice, goods note, debit note, etc. Advantages and precautions: the benefits of using e-invoice and issues that need to be noted Transaction submission requirements: e-invoice submission details for various transactions Tax impact: the specific impact of e-invoice on tax Application scenarios: the use of e-invoice in different business scenarios System security: ensuring the security and privacy of e-invoice system International implementation: e-invoice implementation in local and international transactions   What you will gain from the seminar:   A comprehensive understanding of e-invoice knowledge Understand the latest regulations and guidelines Master the operation process of e-invoice How to deal with special situations Assess the readiness of the company The ability to formulate and revise company policies   Class location: MPS Academy, Kulai MPS Academy, Cawangan Klang MPS Academy, Cawangan Tampoi   Register now to ensure a smooth transition to the e-invoice era for your company! Please contact +6011-1053 7963 (Sunny) for more details! read more
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